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Visual artist, contemporary art

It was in 2004 that I started practicing Aikido. In particular, I understand aikido as a way to integrate the body/mind relationship. That is why,  since the moment I became a black belt in 2012, I have been incorporating knowledge of other body/mind awareness practices into my classes  such as Tai Chi, Kinomichi, Chi Kung, the Feldenkrais method and drawing.  

How do we deal with contact (whether physical or verbal)? How do we deal with our aggressiveness/assertiveness? How we deal with the need to alternately be active and passive, alternately. These are questions that can be answered by Aikido, as it is an art of relationship.  


I understand that Aikido is an excellent working tool for issues relating to our relationships with each other (relationships) or others (group).


I've been a 3rd Dan black belt since 2019  and it is in this line of research that I offer classes  at the  Tatamito or Workshops in other spaces or institutions .

As aulas acontecem na
Rua Marco Aurélio, 564 Vila Romana

"Various were the factors that led me to aikido. I continue to practice because the activity gave me well-being, expanded my body perception, contributed to a process of greater balance, manifested at different levels (physical, psychological, family).

During physical practice and reflections, several small “understandings” and revelations emerged. The set of experiences is fertile material for providing a wealth of beneficial changes.

Apparently practicing personal aikido helps me to walk wherever I go, but in the smoothest ways."

Cassian Bellon

"I have insights every class about how my body behaves according to the feelings aroused in attacks and defenses. How to handle and accept and use my aggression and fears.

And I immediately transport this to the situations in my life that same day, especially to my personal relationships.

One of the most surprising improvements in the physical aspect is that since the first classes I have noticed that my neck and shoulder pains have improved a lot, even without changing my computer routine much. The creation of the body's awareness of no longer shrinking in situations of stress or tension has become more natural every day." Melissa Setubal


TER/QUI das 8h00 às 9h00

Entre em contato para saber sobre horários disponíveis de personal.



Each tutoring is hired as a upfront paid pack and it includes;






4 live 30 minutes meetings  (Zoom/Google Meetings);

Art References send by email;

1 pack : USD 100,00




NOTE: A pack is valid for 30 days  after being paid. You can join 2 meetings in one 1 hour meeting if you prefer.


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