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Thinking of plural paths is an idea that applies to my career developed over the years taking into account the transversality of fields of knowledge. Art, self-knowledge and contact are three aspects that intersect along my path.

My first academic training was in the field of science (Pharmacy Biochemistry, USP). It was there that I started to understand that health has to do with self-knowledge much more than with the procedures that the disease industry imposes. It was also where I started to experience, to then understand in the following years, that my real interest was to experience. In the subtle difference between the words, understand that the relevance in the discoveries provided by the processes is worth more than the obsession with the result.

It was during the Faculty of Pharmacy that I started to draw and then to paint. When I started to study Art at FAAP, I also started an internship in jewelry to learn a new trade. The manual making of jewelry brought a new possibility: that of exploring the three-dimensional relationships of matter on the body scale.

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