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THE ENIGMA OF BORIS TVDOR, 2014 - in progress

What would be the riddle of Boris Tvdor?


In 2014, when I started this project, I was involved in exploring relational issues that can be brought up by artistic work. I imagined that I would make an exhibition where people would respond with texts to my photos, but I put the idea away. Now, in 2020, a year in which relationships are established virtually , it seems logical to retake this project using my website and Instagram to get the project going on once more.


The idea is simple: I offer the images, you respond to them.

Putting together a series of photos, I built a potential narrative that is an invitation to your collaboration. I thought of a story, how about you?  Tell me what stories, sensations, feelings or ideas that were brought up to you when seeing the images in this series.

This time, every response I receive, I will upload here and who knows, it will become a collective publication !

Participate by sending me your text/sound/image  by email and I will upload as soon as possible!

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