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“Running your finger over the touchscreen is a movement that has a consequence in relation to the other. It eliminates that distance that constitutes the other in its otherness. You can run your finger on the image, touch it directly, because she has already lost her eyes, her face. With the pinch [the image], I have the other. We discard the other with the swipe of a finger, in order to let our mirror image present itself ”


Excerpt from: Byung-Chul Han. "In the swarm."


"Availables" is a series that I started in 2014 and which I have been slowly building in front of my relationship with social media. This is a subject that interests me: how they have a disturbing and formative power for our behaviors and, consequently, our visualities. In this topic I am particularly interested in the relationship apps.


It was at that time that I decided to enter Tinder for the first time and there I found a very unique expression. There I found an imagetic world of seduction that proved to be permeated by so many other signs. Men I could cross on the street showed unthinkable facets in their profiles. Not because of a moral shock, but because of vulnerability, due to the exposure of values ​​that intertwined the search for a partner, even if only for a few hours. For every detail that is shown or stopped showing, I saw so many traits in common between these men, that exposed their availability.

And from this avalanche of visual information that the application brought me, I was inspired to draw. Draw to understand.

The works that I show here have to do, therefore, with an investigation of the portrait and the self-portrait, with our relation of construction of our image and of our relations in this moment of social distance. How does this construction take place in the face of the demands of an era of excessive images? This series has to do with our relationship with social media, the construction of visualities contaminated by patterns defined by structures generated by relationship applications.

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