PLANO DIRETOR arte contemporânea

Staying indoors has become the possibility to look inside. Most of this series of works are being made during the confinement period because of Covid-19. Impossibility to leave, impossibility to control, impossibility to predict the future.  In this period of confinement, the research I have been doing in relation to landscape drawing / painting reinforces the issue of building visual memory.


If my landscapes of 2018/2019 were the result of a hybrid visuality in the face of images dictated by the logarithms of social media with my reality of urban landscapes, now I have to deal with a limitation of the latter.  It has become the space for subjective observations and utopian interventions.


The series gathers diverse medias: photography, video,  painting,  collage and drawing of what I see-I imagine-desire.

Through the emergence of layers, the mythical and the real are found intertwined.