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Art Tutoring was designed for you that has an art production and  are looking for guidance , stimuli and discussion. 


My own work has been directed towards drawing, so naturally my tutoring emphasis relies on works related directly or indirectly related to drawing, but could be developed in other medias such as painting, photography, sculpture, etc. 

If you have  already a body of work or if you just started, you can enjoy this program because it will be designed exclusively for your needs. 

Depoimento (deixe o mouse sobre o vídeo para escutar o áudio)




Vamos agendar  um encontro síncrono  para conversarmos sobre o que você busca.


Each tutoring is hired as a upfront paid pack and it includes;

4 live 30 minutes meetings  (Zoom/Google Meetings);

Art References send by email;




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