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Until 2012, the complexity of human relationships and their physical interactions was one of the central points of my investigations. In these works I tried to incorporate the experience of the process (of my body during the making) and the experience of the interference of the other's body (in the participation in some works).

From 2013, the work is taking a new direction. Interaction with the other is not the main motivation. The research on the line reiterated in the master's degree led me to get closer to drawing practices and in the search for a line that explored gesture and that was also a movement register. However, little by little, the issue of representation came up.

Scepter / Entretantos already points to this transition. The series consists of an installation with hundreds of small ceramic pieces arranged on the floor and piled up (Scepter). The pieces were made one by one, as a record of a single action that would be the same action necessary to hold a scepter, understood as a symbol of power as a jewel, at the same time as a line, thus having the jewel-line encounter performed by a body -designer (mine) for an active body (of the public). The pieces arranged on the floor as a symbol of this delivery of authorial power, of this sharing because the public is invited to choose a piece for themselves, being able to take it home, but in return leaves a photographic record of themselves with the piece. These photographic records obtained during two exhibitions form the series Entretantos, a series of self-portraits made by the public interacting with Cetro, evidencing another transversal procedure between portrait / self-portrait and action record. To end the series, I made some self-portraits in which I represent myself imitating the most repeated poses by the audience, to insert myself again in some way in the series. There, the question of representation through drawing arises for the first time. And so the first observation drawings with graphite on paper appear.

Scepter: ceramics, photographs
Among so many: photographs, drawings

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